Talking to our children about topics that matter – alcohol

Parish of Kildysart

Meeting for Sixth Class and their Parents

Community Centre, 8pm Thursday 2  May 2013

As our meeting of the parents of the confirmation class at the beginning of the school year, it was suggested that we organise an evening that would help parents and children discuss the appropriate use of alcohol. In response to hat request we have invited Joe Lynch to lead and discussion entitled  

 CHOICES: Talking to our children about topics that matter – Alcohol.

 The presentation will include:

  • What influences young people when they choose to use alcohol – or not;
  • How to offer our children choices that will help their personal and social skills;
  • How to have positive conversations with our children that will make a difference;,
  • How to handle difficult situations or what to do ‘when things go wrong’.Joe Lynch

Joe Lynch, a qualified music and maths teacher, has been teaching for thirty years.  He trained as a Resource Teacher, working as a Senior Level for a number of years in London in a large inner-city comprehensive school. He has, over the last seven years, specialised in working with schools, supporting teachers and young people in the area of Positive Behaviour Management. Joe is also a psychotherapist with a Masters in Individual Humanistic Psychotherapy from the University of Middlesex and a recently qualified Group Analytic Psychotherapist with a Masters in Science from the Department of Medicine and Health, UCD

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