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Summer Liturgical Celebrations 2018

Summer Liturgical Celebrations: 

During the summer months we have outdoor celebrations of Mass in the various cemeteries and holy wells in Kildysart and Coolmeen parishes.

The locations, dates and times are as follows.

  • Friday, 29 June at 8pm St Brecan’s Holy Well (Crovraghan)
  • Friday, 6 July at 8pm, Kildysart cemetery
  • Friday, 20 July at 8pm Kilfiddane cemetery
  • Friday, 27 July at 8pm, Cranny cemetery
  • Sunday, 29 July at 4pm – Pilgrimage to Canon Island
  • Wednesday, 15 August at 8pm, Lacknashannagh Holy Well
  • Friday, 17 August at 8pm, Cillin at Clondrina

Kildysart Parish Accounts 2017

Kildysart Parish Accounts: The 2017 parish accounts are available on our parish website or on our Church notice board. If any parishioner has a query you are very welcome to contact Fr Albert McDonnell.

We wish to thank you for your generous support of our parish. We are especially grateful to our parishioners who use the weekly envelope which allows the parish to avail of the tax refund scheme. We received €10,274 from the tax refund in 2017 (without any cost to our parishioners).

We wish to thank our parish pastoral council and finance council for their work in caring for our parish finances. You will find details of our 2017 accounts on the following link Kildysart Parish Accounts 2017


Invitation to Choose Life – Pastoral Letter by Bishop Fintan Monahan