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Consultation in Preparation for Synod of Bishops on the Family

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Many of you may have taken an interest in the Extraordinary Synod on the Family which was held in Rome last autumn.  The questions which Pope Francis raised for discussion by our Church leaders were refreshingly honest and pertinent.  What he had to say found its way into our hearts and minds because family is common to us all.  The quality of our lives and the health of our relationships are very closely related to the kind of family life we succeed in making for ourselves.  Whatever damages the family hurts us all and whatever enriches family life is a blessing for us all. Pope Francis is inviting us to help him and all Church leaders in “the task of formulating the pastoral responses to the real situation of family life around the world” as it was expressed at last year’s Extraordinary Synod.

In tackling the questions put before us, we are asked to share our experience of married and family life and to ask ourselves how well or how badly our local Church supports and provides pastoral care for married couples and families. Ideas and reflections are invited from individuals, families, pastoral councils or any other group with an interest in the family. You are welcome to send your reflections by e mail or by post to:

Killaloe Diocesan Office, Westbourne, Ennis, Co Clare before 13 March, 2015.

If you wish to read the full document you will find it here

You may find the following questions helpful as you reflect on and discuss the family in today’s world.

1. How are people being helped to see the value of lifelong commitment in marriage?

2.How can people be helped to see how faith in God can help and enrich marriage, and how it brings blessings on marriage and sustains couples in lifelong love?

3. How can couples living together be helped to enter into marriage?

4. How can couples in the early years of marriage be helped and supported?

5. What kinds of families are most in need of help?  How can they best be helped?  How can we remove factors that can make life difficult for families?

6.How can we, the Church best minister to gay people and their families?

7.How can parents be motivated and helped as they seek to hand on the faith to their children?


Confirmation Friday 6 February 2015


Kildysart  Confirmation Class  2015

The sacrament of confirmation was celebrated in St Michael’s Church, Kildysart on Friday 6 February 2015 to administer the sacrament of confirmation . We pray that the gift of the Holy Spirit may fill the hearts of the boys and girls who have received the sacrament. We pray also for their parents, teachers and families and all who accompanied them as they prepare to receive the sacrament.

Our parish preparation for confirmation included the following:

Parents Meeting led by Fr Pat Larkin on Wednesday 24 September at 8.30am;

Enrolment Mass on Sunday 26 October at 11am;

Liturgy of light on Monday 15 December at 7pm.